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    Are you a business owner? Are you worried about the start-up costs of implementing an efficient system to manage your employees? We here at the headquarters are here to help!

  • What is

  • We are glad you asked! is a cloud-based employee attendance tracking system.

  • So, How does it work?

  • It is a simple mobile based application that helps track the attendance of your employees. There is no need to setup an expensive RFID card system anymore because works right off your phone! Check out our video below for a guided tour of!

  • How exactly is it going to save me money?

  • Implementing will save you from investing in an otherwise expensive human resource management system with all the added hassles of incurring additional costs like new ID cards, hiring manpower to handle the system and paying exorbitant prices to upkeep the system. is simple, and easy to implement – all you need is an iphone, ipod touch, ipad or android device with this application installed and running!

  • Is it secure?

  • is a secure system, you don’t have to worry about anyone tampering with it as we have put in multiple security checks in place! You can secure your system using your very own PIN. No possibilities of third party interventions. We also allow you to backup all your daily logs and provide secure SSL data encryption so your data is always safe.

  • So how is it cheap again?

  • We have exciting packages to offer that are all pay as you go! There are no long term contracts involved and no additional surcharges for adding more users. You can also manage multiple locations without paying more. It really is that simple! Check out our product packages for more information.

  • I think I need more information!

  • Do not fret! If you need more information about you can always get in touch with us and we shall strive to answer all your questions!

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