Do my employees need to have an iOS or Android device to use QRTime?

Your employees don't need to have an iOS or Android device. You, the admin or company would set up a common iphone, ipad, ipod or Android device in your office for all your employees to use. Alternatively, the admin would be able to punch in, break in, break out and punch out employees from the website as well.

What devices are supported by QRTime?

  • Android
  • QRTime supports all Android base devices including:
  •       -Smartphones
  •       -Tablets
  • Apple iOS
  • QRTime supports all iOS devices including:
  •       -iPhone
  •       -iPad
  •       -iPad Mini
  •       -iPod Touch
  • Web Access
  • Admin can punch in, break in, break out and punch out using his/her User name and Password from any web browser. BlackBerry and Windows Phone QRTime doesn’t currently support Blackberry and WindowsPhone devices.

Can I use QRTime in multiple locations?

Yes, you can use QRTime in multiple locations. You would need to use your QRTime credentials on each device that you would like to use with your account.

Can I use QRTime to keep track of attendance?

Yes, you can use the attendance counter report to review how many were in for specific periods.

Can I import all my employees into QRTime?

Yes, you would need to e-mail us an excel file with the following fields (First name, Last name, e-mail address, Username, Password and Pin number) and we will do it for you.

Can I delete an Employee?

No but you can make an employee inactive by going to Resources, clicking on Edit and changing the status to inactive.

Can employees log in to the mobile app?

No. Employees only have access to the QRTime website by using the username and password that was set up by the Admin.

Can I delete a Department?

No but you can edit a department. To keep the consistency of the reports we don’t allow to delete a department but you can edit the department name.

Can QRTime have more than one Admin?

Yes, your company would be able to set up more than one Admin. You can edit a resource and make it an Admin or you can add a new resource and select it as an Admin.

How long is my data saved in QRTime?

Your data will be kept in suspension well beyond your account termination just in case you decide to come back.

Can employees log in to QRTime site?

Yes, employees can log in to QRTime website by using their usernames and passwords. These are set up by the Admin. Employees would only have access to punch in, break in, break out or punch out.

Can I pay for my subscription yearly?

We are not doing yearly payment at this moment. We will implement that in the near future.

Can I change my billing plan?

Yes. If you want to downgrade, go to your company profile and choose the new monthly package you want to use. Please note that if you downgrade in the middle of a billing cycle, you will get to keep your current plan until that billing cycle is finished. Your downgrade will take effect on the next billing cycle. If you want to upgrade, your account gets upgraded immediately after you make the request and the balance will be added in your next billing cycle.

How can I pay for QRTime?

You can pay by using any of the following:
-Paypal account
-Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

Can I change my e-mail address?

No, you cannot change the e-mail address you use to log in to QRTime.

Can I track employees’ time when they work between multiple dates?

Yes you can. For example, if your employee starts at 11pm on Jun 1st and punches out at 5am on June 2nd, that employee’s record is going to show up in June’s first including its proper calculation.

What happens if the device is offline?

The application provides the employee with full option to record his activity. If he/she records wrong information in a single device or multiple device, then the system has capability to identify exceptions and notify the user.

Does QRTime provide GPS location?

QRTime uses GPS location for time settings but QRTime allows the Admin to tag the device as they feel it fits. The reason we don’t offer tag device with GPS location is that you may have multiple floor or multiple devices in the same GPS location which may be misleading in the report. Instead you can add the device appropriately and color code it.

How do I change the camera use to scan devices?

Administrator can scan ID to get access to the settings and from the settings Admin can control which camera to use for scanning.

How do I manually create or modify a time entry?

By going to reports you can “add new entry” or by searching for your resource, clicking on them and then choosing the entry you want to modify and click “Edit”.

Can employees punch in & out for lunch and breaks?

Yes, your employees can use the break in and break out functionality to keep track of their break time and the Admin can track these from the reports.

How do I manage the Camera used to scan the cards and take pictures?

QRTime App allows you to use either the front or rear camera. To select which camera to use and whether a picture is required when logging in, the Admin will have to log in to QRTime App and go to settings.

Does the QRTime App set up its own timezone?

No, QRTime App will use the timezone that was set up at the time of signing up.

Can I print individual time sheets for each employee?

Yes you can. Go to Report and select the resource and the period.

Does QRTime calculate overtime pay?

Yes, it can calculate the overtime and the amount to be paid based on each employee’s hourly rate.

Can QRTime do time rounding?

Not yet but it is in the process of getting developed.

What if recent activity is missing from the QRTime site?

Make sure your device is online and the activity should appear on the site.

What to do if I forget my password?

Resources can reset their password from the web. Admin can reset resources’ passwords from the web and pin numbers from the App.

Can I suspend or cancel my subscription?

Yes you can suspend or cancel your subscription by sending us an e-mail request. Your request will be process within 2 business days and your data will be saved in case you decide to come back. When you are ready to come back just send another request via e-mail and your account will become active again.

Which image file format should I use to upload a company logo or employee’s picture?

You can use .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG or .GIF to upload a company logo or employee's picture using the web. The file size should not exceed 128 MB.
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